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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yeasayer - Sunrise (MP3), CSS - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex (video and MP3), What Would Jesus Buy? trailer (video), Teeth trailer (video), more

  • yeasayer sunrise mp3 Yeasayer - Sunrise (MP3)
    Yeasayer is a band from Brooklyn, NY whose unique blend of rock, pop, dub, psychedelia, and Middle Eastern influences makes for a refreshing musical experience. Their music has drawn comparisons to the Talking Heads and Animal Collective, the former of which has certainly been a major influence.

  • css music is my hot hot sex video CSS - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex (video)
    css music is my hot hot sex mp3 CSS - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex (MP3)
    Yes, it's the song in that iPod touch commercial. The story of how that ad came to be is pretty interesting. The result for CSS: it's the highest charting single on the US charts by a Brazilian band ever. I'm not sure what the point of their music video is, but it looks like they're having fun. And when listening to their music, a mix of electro, rock, and new wave, "fun" is the operative word. If you didn't get a chance to get into them last year, there's still time to get on the bandwagon.

  • what would jesus buy trailer video What Would Jesus Buy? (trailer, video)
    Nothing like shoving, elbows, and profanity to get you into the Christmas spirit. Produced by "Super Size Me" director, Morgan Spurlock.

  • teeth trailer video Teeth (trailer, video)
    Imagine, ladies, that you had teeth "down there". Thankfully, this is not a real medical condition. It is the first and hopefully last time that it'll be made into a movie; however, it is not a new idea. Gotta love the cringeworthy tagline: "Every rose has its thorns".

  • psycho potato video Psycho Potato (video)
    Psycho re-enacted by Mr. Potatoheads. This fledgling production is good for a laugh but beware, it's more graphic than the original, if you're a potato.

  • ingrid michaelson the way i am video Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am (video)

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