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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Destroyer - Foam Hands (MP3, video), Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (video), Cassettes Won’t Listen - Paper Float (MP3), more

  • destroyer foam hands mp3 Destroyer - Foam Hands (MP3) | destroyer foam hands mp3 mirror
    destroyer foam hands video Destroyer - Foam Hands (live in Calgary, video)
    Destroyer's eagerly anticipated LP "Trouble in Dreams" is due out in March. As with most Destroyer songs, I have no idea what it's about. Perhaps it's about waning religious fervor or infatuation. It's lovely nonetheless.

  • hot chip ready for the floor video Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (video)
    Awesome video for one of my favorite songs of the new year thus far. Love the paint and Two-Face get-up.

  • cassettes won't listen paper float mp3 Cassettes Won’t Listen - Paper Float (MP3)
    This is the first single off the forthcoming EP "Small Time Machine" by multi-instrumentalist Jason Drake, better known as Casettes Won't Listen.

  • From Luna to Dean & Britta
    Dean Wareham takes us through the bittersweet anatomy of his divorce. Britta, you homewrecker!

  • vampire weekend video Vampire Weekend performs the following, live in the streets of Paris: Mansard Roof, The Kids Don't Stand A Chance, Walcott, and One in the streets.

  • ghostface killah video Ghostface not feelin' the piracy
    If it makes you feel any better, I didn't download your album.

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