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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Hornet Movie Review

Green Hornet 6/10
Ever wonder what Michel Gondry would do with a big budget superhero film? 'The Green Hornet' appears to be a victim of critical groupthink. It is actually not bad. It pretty much met my expectations as a campy, uneven action/buddy superhero flick with amazing, over-the-top action, good chemistry between Jay Chou and Seth Rogen (the former's language problems notwithstanding), and a ridiculous plot. Seth Rogen co-wrote the script, and he must have been high while writing it. The middle drags a bit, Christoph Waltz plays a mere caricature of a villain as Chudnofsky, and Tim Wilkinson's work goes to waste. Cameron Diaz and David Harbour are OK in their roles while Edward James Olmos is solid but underused in his role. To overcome the aforementioned negative aspects of the film, one must really enjoy the action (which I did) and the lowbrow humor (which works in some areas but falls flat in others). Also, be sure to suspend disbelief before entering the theater.


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