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Saturday, February 26, 2005

2 Oscar-Nominated Shorts

Animated short

'Ryan' is a moving, 3-D animated biopic tribute to Ryan Larkin, who was himself an Canadian Oscar-nominated animator (of the 1969 short, "Walking", which lost to Disney), but is now living as a panhandler in Montreal and struggling with substance abuse. It's a fitting portrayal of the animator's life and work. It's also heartbreaking to think what such a prodigious talent could have become.

Live-action short

7:35 in the Morning (7:35 de la Manana)
'7:35 in the Morning' reminds me of the delightfully random scene in Jean-Luc-Godard's 'Band of Outsiders' where Anna Karina and company spontaneously decide to dance the Madison. The short starts awkwardly, but once you get an inkling to the tone of the film, it is absorbing and entertaining.

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