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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

PEZ MP3 Player

After a few months of eager anticipation, Pez MP3 is up and taking orders for the live product! 5000 units of the PEZ Pal Boy character are available, and it features the following specs:
# 512 mb (holds around 120 songs)
# USB 2.0
# Plays MP3, WMA, WMA w/DRM
# Compatible with subscription services like Rhapsody To Go
# Uses 1 AAA battery
# Plug and Play
# Drag and Drop
# Can be used as a USB drive to store data files
# Repeat play or Random Play
# Store music in nested directories
# Comes pre-loaded with great indie music
# Lanyard hook
# Comes with earbud headphones and USB cable
# Limited run 1st edition
# Both the packaging and player marked as 1st Edition.

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