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Friday, March 31, 2006

Turntablist band Birdy Nam Nam, Bill and Ted Musical, more

    birdy nam nam
  • Birdy Nam Nam are the 2002 DMC World Team Champion turntablists. These 4 DJs (Little Mike, DJ
    Pone, DJ Need, and Crazy B) who each play their turntable as an instrument. Their sound as a turntablist band is rather cohesive and intriguing. They provide 3 videos for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Musical Adventure
    I had no idea this existed as a musical. It ran in Edinburgh, although the producers did not have licensing rights. Enjoy tracks from the show and read the script! My favorite is the Grim Reaper rap. bill and ted mp3 "I'm The King", which has a bit of Doug E Fresh 'The Show' flava to it.

  • candy bars mp3 Candy Bars - Violets
    candy bars mp3 Candy Bars - Enough to Choke a Cold Air
    A semisweet outer coating of chocolate with a complex caramel nougat hidden in the middle. Such is the aural experience of The Candy Bars, a unique blend of baroque pop and psychedelia.

  • Salon has Three Questions for Karen O
    On being a female lead and why the long wait for the follow-up. (May require viewing the intrusive Salon ad.)

  • What if you could combine Pandora and Well, now someone has, sort of.

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