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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Electro and Vocoderized Goodness (MP3s)!

  • everybody loves irene mp3 Everybody Loves Irene - Memento Mori
    everybody loves irene mp3 Everybody Loves Irene - Gravity Always Wins
    Who knew that a band from Indonesia could produce such excellent downtempo tunes? Yohanna Erine Putri delivers passionate vocals that eeerily conjure Portishead's Beth Gibbons (minus Beth's tendency for whininess); she is backed by a mesmerizing electronic indie pop band. A lot of other goodies on their myspace, including a Misftis cover. Wow!

  • electro mp3 The Blow - The Love I Crave (strategy remix)
    I am a sucker for vocoderized vocals. A mediocre song can be considerably improved and a good song can become legendary with the right use of vocoder (i.e. California Love). "The Love I Crave" dispenses with a vocal harmony in favor of a robotic vocoder harmony; I'm in love. (Not sure where I got this tune from, but thank you! Re-upped for your listening enjoyment)

  • uffie mp3 Uffie - Pop the Glock
    1. Take Audio Two's 'Top Billin'
    2. Decompose the beats into a minimalist background track
    3. Demolish then regenerate the vocals into a funky electro vocoderized rhyme, add a touch of Robyn flava
    Thanks to Fluxblog for this great track.

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