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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Number Stations, New Regina Spektor video, Cold War Kids (MP3), Iceland's next big thing?

  • Number Stations
    Shortwave radio. Strange music. Strings of numbers. What does it all mean? While no one knows for sure what information is being transmitted by number stations, it's speculated that it is a way for spy organizations to communicate with their operatives. A very interesting read at the above link and here.

    I found the original number station clip that Wilco used for their "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sample". It is quite intriguing. I love the woman's accent, but I wonder what the hidden message was.

    yankee hotel foxtrot mp3 The original Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sample
    Credit to The Conet Project.

  • regina spektor video Regina Spektor - Samson
    This song is lovely, and the trippy video only enhances my appreciation of it. I must admit, I am really getting hooked on Regina's new album. You will too when it finally comes out next week.

  • cold war kids mp3 Cold War Kids - The Soloist in the Living Room
    Man, I love the drums in the intro. Toobad the song is so short. The Cold War Kids hail from Cali. The lead singer sounds like Walter Martin of The Walkmen, which I guess isn't a bad thing.

  • At the recommendation of the Sigur Rós site, I checked out Iceland's next big thing: Jakobínarína. Say that 10 times fast. Haven't yet decided if I like it or not (there's only one song clip).

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