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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Roots MP3, Method Man MP3, Clerks 2 Trailer

  • the roots mp3 The Roots - Don't Feel Right
    From the new Roots album "Game Theory", which is finally coming out this August (postponed from February). I need tunes like these earlier to rock my summer. [via]

  • method man mp3 Method Man - Take the Heat
    Produced by Dr. Dre. Not much going on here to get excited about though. [via]

  • clerks 2 trailer video Clerks 2 Internet Exclusive Trailer
    I smell the influence of Harold and Kumar, but I suspect the vulgarity will be vintage Kevin Smith. Not sure how it will play with audiences though. It better be twice as good as Jay and Silent Bob (and no, I haven't seen Jersey Girl yet).

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