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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stanley Kubrick's lost first short film, Live Tilly and the Wall, Sonic Youth - Incincerate (video), My Saturday Night

  • This is supposedly Stanley Kubrick's lost first short film, which was recently unearthed: kubrick first short film Day of The Fight.
    Not that exciting, but you have to start somewhere.

  • Really nice soundboard recordings: Live Tilly and the Wall at Houston's Walter's on Washington.

  • Sonic Youth - Incinerate
    sonic youth incinerate video Music Video
    sonic youth incinerate video Video - Live at Bonnaroo

  • The Taste of Chicago is awesome! I quite literally gorged myself on Stuffed Spinach Deep Dish Pizza, Barbecued Rib Tips, Toasted Ravioli, Pad Thai, Samosas, and a Fresh Strawberry Sundae. That was all for dinner! Somebody find me a bariatric gurney.

  • I feel sluggish and my head hurts, in a good sort of way. I drank more than I have since college. I was about to call it a night when my friend called at 11:30. "Wanna go out?" "Sure, why not? Where?" "Rush and Division".

    First place we hit was the Northwestern/UIC party at Bella Lounge. Supposedly, it is one of Vince Vaughn's favorite haunts and cover is usually $15-20. We got in free saying we were with Northwestern (friend of a friend). Pretty nice place. The trendy, upscale atmosphere is a welcome change from the dingy, smelly spots that are more the rule rather than exception around Rush & Division. It got crowded and loud, but you don't mind it much when you're mingling with the good-looking, sophisticated crowd there. Drinks were good and moderately priced.

    Next was Bar Chicago. Cover was average but the place was unspectacular. Drinks were reasonably priced. The crowd was a mixed bag, but generally on the younger side. The floor was wet with various forms of alcohol, but it was not that slippery because it was dirty. The 'dancefloor' in the back got quite crowded, but it was actually fun to mingle there. Unfortunately, there was a drippy ceiling with smelly water that was seeping onto one of the table areas. I do not want to know what or where that water was coming from.

    Next up was the 36th floor Hyatt penthouse. It was my friend's sister's friend's post-wedding party that we crashed. My friend said this would be my first "brown party" (his words, not mine!), meaning Indian party. Whatever, I thought maybe there would be a few white, black, Asian people mixing it up there. Nope, all Indian. Hehe, guess who doesn't belong here? I grabbed my rum and coke and my other friend and floated down to Hard Drive, a club in the lobby of the Hyatt. And just in time, because we saw Hyatt personnel approaching looking all hardcore because of noise complaints.

    All I have to say is, it's good to know people who know people. I would not think of paying $20 cover for the Hard Drive. It goes without saying it's upscale, it's the friggin Hyatt. However, $21 for two drinks and a water is grand larceny. The music felt like a club/house throwback to 2000-2003. It was good to revisit those years, except for the European dudes who thought it was their personal Ibizan dancefloor. Also, I could have done without the periodic fog and foam. Maybe most of the ladies had better places to go (granted, it was almost 3 am), but it seemed a bit of a sausage fest. Needless to say after the last ill-advised SoCo lime, I was gone. I staggered home but was sober enough to make sure my friend didn't get run over.

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