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Friday, July 06, 2007

50 Cent - She Wants It feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (MP3), Tilly and the Wall - CSS Remix (MP3), Interpol (MP3), The New Pornographers (MP3)

  • 50 cent she wants it mp3 50 Cent - She Wants It (MP3 via hypemachine)
    With Timbaland and Timberlake on the track, you'd think that the collaboration would guarantee a megahit. Well, on the one hand, it's safe and formulaic but it works really damn well. Scramble in a blender a typical club-friendly Fiddy tune with "The Way I Are" and "What Goes Around Come Around" to get an idea of what it sounds like.

  • tilly and the wall the freest man css remix mp3 Tilly and the Wall - The Freest Man (css remix) (MP3)
    tilly and the wall the freest man video Tilly and the Wall - The Freest Man (video)
    I'm not sure if I like the original or the chill electro house CSS remix better. The video is 80s-ish cheapo effects sing-songy fun.

  • interpol mammoth mp3 Interpol - Mammoth (MP3 via hypemachine)
    The new Interpol album, "Our Love to Admire", is a grower and is fast becoming one of my favorites of the year. "Mammoth", "Pace is the Trick", "Rest My Chemistry", and "interpol heinrich maneuver video Heinrich Maneuver (video)" will be on repeat.

  • the new pornographers my rights vs. yours mp3The New Pornographers - My Rights vs. Yours (MP3).
    While not as strong as 'Twin Cinema' on initial listen, I think I'll grow to really like this TNP album as well.

  • Live Earth
    A 24 hour, 7 continent concert series (yeah they found a band on Antarctica, Nunatak). I wonder if they're really gonna keep track of people's carbon footprint to balance out the airplane and car pollution created by the event, not to mention the massive amounts of power consumed. You can calculate your carbon footprint here and they will supposedly display your name up on a screen at the Live Earth concerts! My ECP (Earth Conservation Plan Carbon and Lifestyle Calculator) is 246 with 6 tons of carbon output. Yikes! Well, it's still below the average U.S. ECP (325).

      Coverage on NBC and Bravo
      Live Earth on XM Radio
      Live Earth on MSN

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