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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The death knell for HD-DVD? Warner Backs Blu-ray

The battle for a definitive high-definition disk format is all but over:

New York Times: Warner Backs Blu-ray, Tilting DVD Battle

Discussion on AVS Forum

Discussion on Slashdot

This may be the death knell for HD-DVD.
Major distributors now supporting Blu-Ray: Sony, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate.
Major industry supporters: Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Hitachi, Philips (hmm, looks like the same companies who make the best plasma and LCD HDTVs too)

Major distributors left supporting HD-DVD: Paramount, Dreamworks, Universal, Nickolodeon, MTV, The Weinstein Company.
Major industry supporters: Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, Microsoft, RCA, Kenwood, Intel.

The writing's on the wall. Here's some case studies on Amazon:

Ocean's Thirteen
Blu-Ray DVD Sales Rank: 60
HD-DVD Sales Rank: 221

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Blu-Ray DVD Sales Rank: 81
HD-DVD Sales Rank: 320

Blu-Ray DVD Sales Rank: 14
HD-DVD Sales Rank: 620

Planet Earth
Blu-Ray DVD Sales Rank: 20
HD-DVD Sales Rank: 35

The Departed
Blu-Ray DVD Sales Rank: 22
HD-DVD Sales Rank: 3582


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