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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jenny Owen Youngs (MP3, video), Snoop Dogg and Robyn (MP3), Leona Lewis (video), more

    jenny owen youngs hot in herre video
  • jenny owen youngs hot in herre video Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre
    jenny owen youngs hot in herre mp3 Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre (MP3) | mirror
    Not sure how I missed this last year, but it's an absolutely hilarious cover and video. The Jenny Lewis-like cheekiness is a big plus.

  • Discobelle points us to a neato remix featuring Snoop and Robyn: snoop robyn sexual eruption mp3 Snoop Dogg (ft. Robyn) - Sexual Eruption (Fyre Department remix). Looking forward to a white label, or better yet, an official release. Quite a tasty collabo.

    leona lewis bleeding love video
  • leona lewis bleeding love video Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (video)
    If UK trends are any indication, Leona Lewis is set to blow up in the US when her album drops stateside in April. She has a gorgeous voice and Alicia Keys type potential.

  • Songwriting in your blood? Need help jump-starting your latest album? Axl Rose, I'm looking in your direction. There are two musical challenges this month of note for aspiring songwriters/musicians:
    February Album Writing Month
    Participants who complete the requirements (14 songs written during February) and donate $10 to the FAWM cause will get free CD distribution via CD Baby.
    RPM Challenge '08
    The goal is to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material during February. Not sure what the benefits are, but they made an RPM film last year and have a jukebox with songs from all 850 participants last year.

  • Arcade at the Movies
    A look at arcade games as they have appeared in movies throughout the years. An interesting retrospective.

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