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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hot Rap vs. Rock Mash-Up: DJ Muggs and DJ Warrior - Mash-Up Radio Vol. 1 - 2005

Wondering how DJ Muggs is making a living between Cypress Hill paychecks? Mash-ups, of course! This is hands-down the mash-up record of the year. It's also among the most ambitious mash-up albums ever attempted. Grand in concept, grand in execution, and successful (for the most part) in implementation. And this is just Vol. 1; I can only imagine what future volumes will hold. If there is any mash-up that will get mainstream press (like The Grey Album or The Beastles in 2004), this one probably well. Mindblowing selections: Jadakiss Vs. Muse, Jay-Z Vs. Sublime, Franz Ferdinand Vs. Beastie Boys, Nas Vs. Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash Vs. Nas, Ludacris Vs. Disturbed, Nirvana Vs. 50 Cent, and Gary Numan Vs. Eminem & Dre. The only criticism I have is that it doesn't finish as strongly as it starts.

This one will be looping on my Winamp for the next month. Get it before it's forced to go underground.

01. Mashupradio.Com & Djwarrior.Biz Intro [00:30]
02. Dr. Dre & 2pac Vs. Rage [01:09]
03. Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Joan Jett [01:59]
04. Outkast Vs. Queen [02:15]
05. Jadakiss Vs. Muse [03:14]
06. Jay-Z Vs. Sublime [04:30]
07. Mobb Deep Vs. Linkin Park [02:02]
08. Franz Ferdinand Vs. Beastie Boys [04:55]
09. Nas Vs. Led Zeppelin [02:16]
10. Transplants Vs. Kanye West [03:23]
11. Lloyd Banks Vs. Sound Garden [01:53]
12. OBT Vs. Joe Budden [02:57]
13. LL Cool J Vs. Aerosmith [01:31]
14. Johnny Cash Vs. Nas [02:59]
15. Rick Ruben Vs. Beastie Boys [01:49]
16. Ludacris Vs. Disturbed [01:49]
17. Ying Yang Twins Vs. Rage [02:05]
18. Jay-Z Vs. Tool [03:10]
19. Metallica Vs. Fabolous [03:01]
20. Nirvana Vs. 50 Cent [02:25]
21. Gary Numan Vs. Eminem & Dre [02:09]
22. 2pac Vs. Jimi Hendrix [01:30]
23. Kool G Rap Vs. Jimi Hendrix [01:13]
24. Nas Vs. Happy Monday [02:14]
25. Mobb Deep Vs. Rush [01:18]
26. Rakim Vs. Porno For Pyros [02:49]
27. Xzibit Vs. Marilyn Manson [02:36]
DJ Muggs and DJ Warrior - Mash-Up Radio Vol. 1 - 2005

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