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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Next Bjork?

Hmm, this sounds a lot like Debut/Post-era Bjork. Maybe Anja will challenge Annie on the suddenly crowded Norwegian indie pop scene (*dripping sarcasm*). Anja won the 2005 "Urört" competition, a contest held by a prominent Norwegian media/broadcasting company that also distributes music online (Guten Tag to those of you who can read Norwegian). 'Husj, Husj' (or Hush, Hush) features a solid beat, layers of catchy synth lines, and a Bjorkish melody. 'Magic Dreams' is a fairly minimalist slower tune that is contemplative but rather repetitive. 'No More Love For You' sounds like a vinyl rip and reminds me of something along the lines of Telepopmusik meets Royksopp.

Husj, Husj
Magic Dreams
No More Love For You


One thing's for certain: Anja's got nothing on Annie in the cuteness department (Annie - Heartbeat video). Nosireebob.

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