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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Q Magazine's "25 Most Pathetic Rock Stars Ever!"

I totally don't agree with this list. I'm curious as to why Lou Reed is #1? I can think of hundreds of more pathetic rock stars. Moby should be higher up; his current stuff is shite. How about Pete Doherty, who got beat up by his cokehead girlfriend?

On second though, might as well list the first 25 of the Billboard Top 40 on here.

Anyway, Q magazine is crap; something I grab at Borders when I want to take a fat dookie, just in case I run out of toilet paper.

25 brandon flowers
24 roger daltrey
23 lars ulrich
22 kasabian
21 bryan ferry
20 beck
19 andrew fletcher
18 angus young
17 mike mills
16 nick cave
15 danny mcnamara
14 mick mars
13 dave rowntree
12 moby
11 nicky wire
10 britney spears
9 linkin park
8 ronan keating
7 chris martin
6 morrissey
5 paul heaton
4 brian may
3 dido
2 sir cliff richard
1 lou reed

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