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Sunday, March 06, 2005

News: Niche entertainment markets, Blogging limits, R.I.P. Tommy Vance, Schwarzenegger gets tough on roids, Finger aggression, Triumph on 50 Cent

  • Niche entertainment markets
    The Long Tail is an illuminating Wired article on the bright future of niche entertainment markets (a phenomenon that bloggers are hopefully promoting) and how they would be profitable and consumer-friendly if companies would learn to embrace the concept and the technology.

      "This is the difference between push and pull, between broadcast and personalized taste. Long Tail business can treat consumers as individuals, offering mass customization as an alternative to mass-market fare...And the cultural benefit of all of this is much more diversity, reversing the blanding effects of a century of distribution scarcity and ending the tyranny of the hit.

  • Blog-related firings focus on policy
  • R.I.P. Tommy Vance
    First John Peel, now Tommy Vance. Miss Jones, Ryan Seacrest, and Casey Kasem still alive.
  • Schwarzenegger calls for crackdown on steroid use
    Oh, the irony.
  • Guys, what is your finger ratio?
  • Triumph ain't afraid of 50 Cent
    MTV: Lately MTV News' headlines have been dominated by stories of 50 Cent's many, many beefs. The guy's been shot nine times and lived — obviously he's not someone most people would mess with. What if he attends Comedy Love Call? Would you have the guts to hit him with some of your insult humor?
    Triumph: 50 Cent? I'm not impressed. I've been shot eight times: twice for rabies, six times for gonorrhea.

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